La Capra Associates is a full-service, independent energy consulting firm focused on helping our clients make sound policy, planning, investment, pricing, and procurement decisions. We provide each client with objective analysis and strategic advice to help them navigate the complexities and uncertainties of market and regulatory environments.

Our Clients

We proudly serve a diverse set of clients across North America including:

  • Public and private utilities
  • Regulators
  • Existing and prospective market participants
  • Consumer and environmental advocates
  • Commercial, industrial and institutional consumers
  • Public policy agencies
  • Investors and financial entities
  • Law firms and litigants


Our Services

La Capra Associates offers a comprehensive range of services in our areas of expertise. Our clients generally look to us to provide one or more of the following:

  • Advice/decision-making support
  • Expert witness testimony/litigation support
  • Procurement
  • Negotiation/settlement support
  • Planning studies and economic analysis
  • Policy design or review
  • Stakeholder input process management

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